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My journey to discovering Mobile Massage Therapy

First and Foremost I'd like to introduce myself - You guessed it, my name's Sioned and I started a mobile Massage Therapy business in Cardiff back in 2016! I've decided to create a blog to share all things health and wellbeing related. Also, my journey down the self employed route - giving a true insight into this world and not just painting the positive aspects!

All my life I dreamt of having my very own business.

It took me quite a while to find my calling but it was always quite obvious that I needed to get into the health and wellbeing realm!

I never really knew what I wanted to do when I was younger as so many things fascinated me! I remember enjoying swimming before school (and seeing Mr Bassett in the fast lane) , running and going to the gym after school with my lovely friend Rhian the runner. During this time my mother really got into cooking - usually organic and I would help where I could! This time of my life stands out as it was a time I felt really settled and focused on school and my health.

What has become extremely important to me in my thirties particularly is finding a great balance with health and well being. I've reconnected with my younger self in that way.

My twenties were a time in my life for exploration. I wanted to see the world and just collect as many experiences as I possibly could. I decided that I didn't want to live in one place - I wanted to move from one place to the next!

I decided to go off on my travels and work in lots of different industries!

First stop was France - I was an outdoor activity instructor for a company - usually having a great time with the other instructors in a small town called Rue!

France was wonderful and I leant so much being there but I felt a calling from further away! Where's the furthest place to go? Australia of course!

Australia well and truly stole my heart. I would still be there now but life sometimes has other plans!

Whilst in the land down under I had many jobs from painting houses, working on horse farms to being a camp assistant for a wild bush luxury resort - we used to fly in and out of work in a private plane - I loved this and sometimes the pilot would let me fly!!

Due to family circumstances my travels were put on hold and I needed to leave Australia to be home in Wales. During that time I really felt a heartache for Australia - this went on for a few years. When you move from one place to another daily- life becomes ever so exciting! Being home was difficult.

In my late twenties I felt like my travels were not quite finished. When circumstances changed and I was able to leave again I felt my wings were unclipped and I darted for the airport!

This time I decided to head to Italy. I lived with a family and worked as an au pair! Really felt like I submerged myself in the culture and I loved the family I worked for dearly.

Driving the lanes and on the other side of the road will be an experience I'll never forget - I'll definitely be leaving the driving next time I visit. Italy was such a rich place for the senses - The food was divine, the locals were so welcoming and the scenery breathtaking.

Following Italy I moved onto Spain - Alicante. I worked for an outdoor adventure company again but did a variety of jobs there. The building itself was on Grand Design many moons ago.

I spent a couple of months in Alicante before jetting back home to say a quick hello to family and friends. Once I'd recovered from a very last minute knee operation I headed to New Zealand.

When I got to New Zealand I worked in the kitchen at Hobbiton. Following that I moved all around new Zealand doing little jobs along the way and again trying to think about what business I wanted to start!

Everywhere I went in New Zealand I bumped into massage therapists. It was really odd considering I'd never met a massage therapist before. This inspired me to explore it as a possible career. Like a Eureka moment - a bulb went off in my head. This is the career path for me!!

Why Massage Therapy?

I love helping people, science fascinates me and the human body, painting and drawing is something I need in my life much like massage and drawing anatomy with your hands.

I also wanted to be part of a therapy that has stood the test of time.

Health and Wellbeing is something I have consistently been driven by. It is a core part of who I am as a person.

Thank you New Zealand and the people I met who guided the way.

I remember sitting in the hostel in New Zealand and thinking to myself. "I am ready to go home." I'd never felt this before but I was ready to plant some roots and get dug into my career. I found a course in Gower college and decided to study Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy with the intention of starting a mobile massage business in Cardiff.

To be continued in the next blog... I hope you enjoyed getting to know your therapist a little!

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