Why I decided to become a therapist 

​"My journey as a massage therapist began in New Zealand - Land of the long white cloud


I went there in the hope of discovering something I felt passionate about by working in different industries and of course wondering and wandering around this magical country. 

My trip to New Zealand came at a time where I needed to connect with myself and this beautiful world. I was always quite nervous of travelling by myself so overcoming that fear was definitely something that promoted self growth and the feeling of being able to conquer any personal fear no matter how small or large. 


Something I feel quite passionately about is striving to live a life that is well balanced both physically and mentally. This journey was certainly the beginning for me to realise my calling and I'm continuously evolving with this same mind set. 


Whilst in New Zealand I kept bumping into massage therapists, in almost every area I visited.  Massage Therapy kept presenting itself which I found odd considering I had never met a massage therapist before. 


I decided to research it as a career and realised quite quickly that this was a path I wanted to go down.  I loved the fact that I could learn so many different techniques using an ancient form of therapy to help people connect with themselves.

Following my decision to venture down this new career path I began by studying Sports Massage Therapy at Gower College and have since continued to study regularly to offer a range of treatments to my wonderful current and future clients. Sioned Mobile Massage began its journey in April 2018 when I took my first ever booking. I have allowed it to grow organically until recently and now I'm expanding into the online world.  


 I feel privileged to be part of something that has evolved over thousands of years. The diversity is incredible and I am able to continually grow as a therapist. I would like to be the master of many forms of holistic therapy by the end of my career. 


Not only does massage help with muscle tension and increased circulation but it also has mental benefits, promoting greater relaxation and the ability to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Do I practice what I preach? Most definitely! 

Receiving regular massages is a way of life for me."

Qualifications and Experience 

I obtained my Level Three Sports Massage qualification in 2016 which included a great deal of practical work - operating in an open clinic for the duration of the course along with a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. 


 I have since updated my skills and knowledge in other fields obtaining an Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Massage qualification alongside completing various short courses.


 All qualifications are recognised by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) which is the largest professional association for complementary, holistic and sports therapists. This in itself ensures I am up to date with the knowledge and understanding to practice -

"Therapists on the register meet high standards of personal and professional behaviour, technical competence and business practice. This offers you confidence in the registrant’s ability to practise as a professional." - Stated on the FHT website. 

I operated in an open clinic for the duration of my studies but knew my heart was in the idea of creating my own business. The thought of creating something from a seed of thought has always been my drive and ambition, I owed it to myself to make that a reality.


 I have worked in different fields including a Crossfit box offering Sports Massage, I have since offered a mobile service in Leeds, London and various locations in South Wales.

Sioned Lewis Massage Therapy was established in Cardiff in April 2018. To this point the business has grown organically ranging from mobile to corporate massage and I have expanded my locations from Cardiff  to Swansea and Gower by arrangement. I have now decided it is time to access the online community to allow the business to blossom further.

What I hope to offer is a service that's a little difference with my background in Sports Massage, incorporating my knowledge and understanding of different disciplines, bringing my unique take on a combination of styles.